Espace Mosa├»k was born out of Julie Bessette‘s and Jo├źl Dumas‘ desire to create a unique showcase for their respective talents.

The showroom opened its doors in the fall of 2006, after one year of intensive construction work, at 341 Knowlton Road in Lake-Brome, Quebec. The landscaping and the interior of the shop reveal their creative genius.

Outdoor Espace Mosaik Knowlton

Right from the start, the uniqueness of the location and the pieces featured there was indisputable. The project was an immediate success and made the shop a compelling spot in the village of Lake-Brome.

In the 2009 falls, Joel decided to devote his time for creation at is Balinese workshop.
Jean Prud’homme offers to take over the store.
Until december 2013, Espace Mosaik becomes reknown because of the originality and the unicity of the live edge exotic wood pieces presented.

Boutique inside

As a cabinet maker, Jean Prud’homme, gives to his clients the occation to choose on site the raw material and realize personalized projects. This aspect of the business takes more and more place and occupies Turkey Hill’s workshop fulltime. In order to spare more time to his cabinet making passion, Jean Pru’dhomme decides to put the store online so that he could spend more time in is new Sutton workshop.