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Here are a few of our pieces. Contact us or visit our showroom to see more.

Teak ball

Ball Sculpture

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 36″diam.
Price: $975 +taxes

coffee table top

Teak top

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 50″x50″
Price: $ 1250 +taxes


Materials: Tamarin
Dimensions: 59″X21″
Price: $1150 +taxes

Tamarin top

Materials: Tamarin
Dimens.: 79″x26″
Price: $1650 +taxes

Sono Top

Sono top

Materials: Sono
Price: $1800/2450 +taxes

Longany topLongany top

Materials: Longany
Dimensions: 52″X27″
Price: $950 +taxes

Joint teak topJoint teak top

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: Variable
Price: $1495/1895 +taxes

Organic bench

Small organic bench

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 16″x21″x15″
Price: $225 +taxes

Teak standing bol

Teak standing bol

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 43″x24″x28″
Price: $795 +taxes

Massive bench

Massive bench

Materials: Tamarin
Price: $1450 +taxes


Sculpture (4pcs)

Materials: Tamarin
Dimensions: 60″ to 84″
Price: $4500 +taxes

Mosaik desk

Mosaik desk

Materials: Glass tiles
Dimensions: 30″x40″x16″
Price: $1295 +taxes

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