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Here are a few of our pieces. Contact us or visit our showroom to see more.

Petrified wood sink

Free standing sink

Materials: Petrified wood
Dimensions: 30″x16″x35″
Price: $2500 +taxes

Marocain style lamp

Marocain style lamp

Materials: Copper and glass
Dimensions: 12″x12″x24″ +
Price: $ 450-495 +taxes

stone sinkTeak Candle

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: variable
Price: $145 +taxes

Longany coffee table

Coffee table

Materials: Longany
Dimens.: 40″x30″x13″
Price: $950 +taxes

chairs and table

Set of chairs

Materials: Rotin
Dimensions: 34″x24″x16″
Price: $995 +taxes

Teak benckBench

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 30″x18″x20″
Price: $995 +taxes

Coffee tableCoffee table

Materials: Sono
Dimensions: 36″diam.x15″
Price: $750 +taxes

goddess bust

goddess bust

Materials: stone
Dimensions: 13″x20″
Price: $295 +taxes

boudha bust

Bronze boudha bust

Materials: bronze
Dimensions: 20″x20″.
Price: $395 +taxes

Teak bloc

Teak cube

Materials: Teak
Price: $295 +taxes

Teak kitchen table

Dining table

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 80″x32″x30″
Price: $3,950 +taxes

low desk 6 drawers

6 drawers coffee table

Materials: Teak
Dimensions: 61″x14″x15″
Price: $450 +taxes

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