Find Unique Solid Wood Furniture at Espace Mosaik

When you are searching for that perfect piece to accent your dining room, living room, bedroom, or den, you don’t want a standard, just-bought-from-a-chainstore item that everyone else on your block will have. For individuals with discerning taste, a piece of solid wood furniture from a store as unique as its inventory.

Solid wood furniture

Solid Wood Furniture: an exotic table

Strong. Earthy. Beautiful.
Peruse the stock at and you will discover a whole new world of solid wood furniture. They don’t just offer your regular oak or pine; woods like teak and tamarind are used to create masterpieces, literal works of art that can also function as furniture that will last you and your family a lifetime.

The brainchild of artists Joel Dumas and Julie Bessette, Espace Mosaik was designed as a showroom for their respective passions: furniture design for Dumas and fashion design for Bessette. Using natural wood from the abundant forests of Bali, Indonesia, they inspire each other to fashion pieces of solid wood furniture that will not only reflect the inherent strength of the wood but capitalize on its unique beauty.

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Artist Joel Dumas takes solid wood furniture design to the next level by appreciating the natural form of each hunk of wood and accentuating its individuality by sculpting a piece that is both innovative and timeless. From one chair that embraces whorls to one that looks as though it was plucked straight from the forest floor and given a gorgeous gleam.

To complement one of Dumas’ chairs you will want to find another item from Espace Mosa├»k’s collection: bright lamps, exclusive sinks, gorgeous tables, quaint mirrors or a decorative piece that will be unlike anything else you have at home. They even have a line of cabinetry that will transform any kitchen into an artistic marvel. And style wise, you will see more than Bali Furniture, as the combination of design and woodworking talents of the owners really shines in every piece.

Crafted not only for the inside of your home, Espace Mosaik offers a whole collection of outdoor solid wood furniture as well. Deck chairs to lounge upon, tables on which to place an afternoon lunch, patio furniture to share with guests, even pergolas to accentuate your lush backyard with. Rain or shine, these pieces will withstand the elements and be the highlight of every event you hold there.

Don’t follow; lead the home design revolution. By choosing an one-of-a-kind piece of solid wood furniture you will inspire envy amongst your peers; more importantly, however, it will lead others to think outside of the box or, in this case, the tree.

Investing in one or several pieces of solid wood furniture is not only a smart design move, but an investment in your home. Imagine seeing that same item, whether it be a table, chair, mirror, or artistic statue, in the home of your child.