Exotic Wood Furniture

First, what is exotic wood furniture?
A piece of exotic furniture may mean different things to different people. The exact definition of “exotic” is: “from another part of the world; foreign”. Therefore, being exotic obviously depends on what part of the world you are located. But in most cases, we mean a piece of furniture made of exotic wood species such as Teak, Tamarind, African Mahogany, Ebony or Sono, for instance. These species originate from tropical regions and destinations a Westerner would consider exotic, like Africa or South-East Asia. Therefore, the furniture and decorative items using such an exotic wood species are considered “exotic”.

Exotic wood furniture

Exotic Wood Furniture from Bali, Indonesia

Designing exotic wood furniture is also particular. Often, exotic furniture is marked by the traditional styles from the regions were the wood originates. Sometimes a designer adapts or transforms the original style of the exotic furniture piece to better reflect his vision or taste of a client, and the final creation can be amazing or disappointing, depending on your tastes. Espace Mosaik’s designer Joel is constantly proving his talent and subtle tastes by creating original art furniture pieces with a hint of history and traditional style, even when building modern furniture.

Finding exotic furniture that will enhance the look of your room, home, patio or garden is not always an easy task. On the other hand, it is not necessary that all your furniture comes from the same design series. For your exotic wood furniture piece to harmoniously fit into its setting, you should primarily consider the ambiance you want to create, the arrangement of colors, contrasts and materials, rather than solely the styles of the different surrounding furniture pieces.

We encounter these arrangement considerations on a daily basis, so our clients and interior designers find the exotic wood furniture piece that will fit into a specific environment. We know what questions to tackle first so you can make the right choices and find the unique furniture piece for your setting.

To save time and frustrations in finding the right exotic furniture piece, come and visit our diverse selection of unique furniture in our showroom in Knowlton, Quebec, one hour South of Montreal. If you cannot come in person, we can also help you remotely to make the right choices.

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