• Protecting the environment is one of our primary concerns. Our furniture¬† is made, in part, from timbers which we give a second life. In particular, we favor¬† such raw material as recycled Teak, as well as roots, and branchesThe exotic wood used are: The local wood used are :
    • teak¬†
    • tamarin¬†
    • suar¬†
    • mahogony¬†
    • Sono¬†
    • lychee
    • black walnut
    • cherry
    • maple
    • ash
    • hemlock
    • and other woods…

    We also integrate stone and metal into our original pieces.

    At Espace Mosa√Įk you‚Äôll find exotic live wood edge furnitures as well as Local live edge wood¬†furnitures and customized furnitures.

    Each unique piece will lend your decor an exclusive touch.